Our Story

Urban Ink Artistic Directors

(left to right: Corey Payette, Diane Roberts, Marie Clements)

Urban Ink Productions creates, produces and disseminates original live performance works by Indigenous and Intercultural artists.

Urban Ink was founded by Métis artist Marie Clements as a First Nations theatre company in 2001, taken over by Diane Roberts, and is now under the Direction of Corey Payette. The company creates, develops and produces Indigenous and culturally diverse works of theatre, writing and film, utilizing an approach which embraces and strives for the combination and integration of artistic disciplines, including different forms of theatre, story-telling, dance, music, video and multi-media. Urban Ink Productions seeks to create new works which celebrate and bring together different cultural and artistic perspectives and inter-racial experiences.


Mission & Mandate

Urban Ink Production Society (Urban Ink Productions) ignites and inspires revolutionary voices that transform our world. We collaborate with artists and communities to push artistic boundaries through the creation and production of innovative Indigenous and Intercultural performance works. We are dedicated to providing a platform for these artists to tell their own stories from their own unique voice.

The objectives of the company are:

    • to encourage and support the pursuit of artistic excellence in the development of new indigenous and intercultural works.
    • to encourage and collaborate with emerging indigenous artists and artists of colour to develop work that speaks for cultural integrity and a form that is self-reliant in its vision.
    • to encourage and support collaboration between indigenous and intercultural individuals, companies and organizations demonstrating these similar interests.
    • to empower these artists to take control of not only their voice and visions, but the process and integrity in which their work is brought to an audience.