Sal Capone sets Roundhouse on fire

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Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of, which opened 23 May 2014 is hitting Vancouver hard with its stirring message, captivating urban style, and banging beats! An experiment in hip-hop-meets-theatre by the young actor/MC/playwright Omari Newton, Sal Capone is succeeding to draw a diverse and fired up crowd like Vancouver theatre has rarely seen – the excitement is palpable!

Directed by Diane Roberts, Sal Capone “touches on race relations, prejudices, stereotypes, sexuality, class disparity and police brutality” (Vancouver Presents) and “examines why disaffected young people are so attracted to hip hop, why mainstream culture and authority are so hostile to it, what race, ethnicity and sexual marginalization mean in Canada as opposed to the United States, and more” (The Province).

Sound heavy? Well this is The Lamentable Tragedy of… and the magic lies in what this piece steps up to do – to speak the truth, to reflect the lived experiences of minoritized youth on the Canadian stage, and to break boundaries.

“Many new plays have called themselves tragedies, but very few have had the balls to honestly examine the complexities that create them” (niftynotcool). Sal Capone features a national and cross-cultural cast of hip hop and theatre heavyweights Letitia Brookes (Montreal), Tristan D. Lalla (Montreal), Billy Merasty (Toronto), Kim Villagante (Vancouver) and Jordan Waunch (Vancouver). “The performances are first-rate… the feelings [Tristian D. Lalla (Freddy)] draws on are so deep that he made me weep (…) Kim Villagante’s Jewel is an earthquake” (Georgia Straight).

“As the show is about to begin, Sha-ney-ney appears, preparing the audience for what’s about to come: this ‘shit’s about to get real’. Sal Capone is indeed very real. You won’t want to miss a moment” (Vancouver Presents).

photos: Jennifer Gauthier

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