Why Donate

Why Donate?

For the past 15 years, Urban Ink Productions has played a unique and important role within the local and national arts community by creating, producing and disseminating original Canadian works created by Indigenous and Intercultural artists.

We believe that the voices of Indigenous and Intercultural artists are essential in providing a new perspective and contribute to the cultural conversation in a truly remarkable way. Urban Ink is providing a place for these artists to have their voices heard through professional live theatre. We believe that theatre has the ability to energize the city, while reinforcing a sense of strong cultural appreciation and community.

As a not-for profit theatre, we rely on your generosity in providing sponsorships and private donations, without which we wouldn’t exist. At Urban Ink it is important that our ticket prices remain affordable so that we remain accessible for our own community.

With changing government funding structures, we need to raise 20% of our budget privately.

If Urban Ink is important to you, please donate to guarantee our ability to support Indigenous and Intercultural artists!

How Does It All Breakdown?

63% of Urban Ink’s total resources are directed to Artists (Performers, Director, Designers, Production) and Production costs (rehearsal and performance space rental, sets, props, lighting and sound equipment). Administrative costs such as office space and staff require 30% of our resources, and a further 7% are dedicated towards promoting our projects to the community!