Youth Direct Mentorship Program takes off!

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The Youth Direct Mentorship program was created by Montreal native hip-hop artist, actor and playwright Omari Newton, urban ink’s artistic director Diane Roberts and Education consultant Dr. Mia Perry. It is designed to offer youth a creative platform to free their original voices through creative collaboration.  In this unique program, youth direct their artistic process to further develop their skills as storytellers & hip-hop artists

Ten youth from previous Boldskool workshops were selected to participate in this exciting artistic experience. They were paired with Vancouver’s top hip-hop mentors who supported them through their creative journey. During six intense three-hour sessions, youth received hip-hop skills & theater training and created a piece to be performed at the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall before the premier of the professional hip-hop play “Sal Capone, The Lamentable Tragedy of”.

Theatre, Mc’ing, Beatboxing, Breakdancing & Spoken Word.

Performance dates:
May 25th & May 31st @ 12.30 pm followed by a talk-back with cast, director & playwright.

Elliot Alexander
Larisse Bacani
Moses Caliboso
Augustine Chan
Daniela Carmona
Harron Hall
Eilia Hooshmand
Sabine Uwibambe
Justin Wang

Omari Newton (Youth Director & lead artist).
Rupert Common, Kia Kadiri, Ronnie Harris, Soren Hodne & Mutya Macatumpag.

Guest Instructor:
Zaccheus Jackson

Youth Direct takes off at the Burnaby Youth Custody Service Centre:

Five former Boldskool youth received an invitation to participate in the Youth Direct Program. During four intense two-hour sessions, the youth set their artistic goals and  worked with their mentors to create a hip-hop theater piece to be recorded & included as part of  the “Youth Direct Performance” on May 25th & 31st.

Omari Newton (Youth Direct director & lead artist)
Zaccheus Jackson
Ronnie Harris