Confessions of the Other Woman (2012)
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Development History:

  • Production Residency: July 25th-August 13th 2011, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
  • World Theatre Day Reading: March 14th, 2011 7:30pm The Vancouver Playhouse Recital Hall
  • Text Workshop with the participation of Emma Tibaldo, Playwrights Workshop Montreal: March 7th-11th
An Urban Ink/Visceral Visions/Vancouver Playhouse co-production in association with The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts Written by Valerie Sing Turner (Winner of the 2011 Enbridge Award for Emerging Canadian Playwright) Directed by Diane Roberts & Gerry Trentham Starring: Kevin Loring, Valerie Sing Turner & Matt Ward Collaborating Artists: Conor Moore (Set; Lighting and Projection Design); Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg (Dance Design); Troy Slocum (Sound Design); Florence Barrett (Costume Design); Candelario Andrade (Video & Projection Design; Jordan Nobles (Composer); Travis Pangburn (Technical Direction); Shannon Macelli (Stage Management)   What would YOU do if you met your soul mate – and he was married? Eve, a 40-something Asian-Canadian woman, begins to question her very existence at the end of a passionate love affair with Sam. Her search for answers launches her on a liminal journey through memory, fantasy and recurring encounters with a mysterious being whose motives aren’t always clear. Veering between hard scrabble insights and emotional honesty–all leavened with a fine appreciation of the absurd – Eve finds herself trying to make sense of her beloved grandmother’s legacy as she seeks to reconcile personal integrity with true love. Across time and cultures, legend and tabloid headlines, women having affairs with married men have been the fodder for much derision, speculation and discourse. In an age of post-feminism and society’s hypocritical attitude toward female desire, Confessions offers a fresh perspective, combining theatre, poetry, movement, dance and interactive projected image to explore the quirks and richness of the uncompromising human spirit.

Pictured: Kevin Loring and Valerie Sing Turner