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Polytoxic (Australia)
Created and written by Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton (Polytoxic)


Created & Written by Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton
Directed by Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton
Music Direction: Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers in collaboration with Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton
Production Design: Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton in collaboration with Leigh Walker & Helen Clifford
Lighting Design: Jason Glenwright
Production Manager: Leigh Walker
Head Rigger / Counterweight Performer: Helen Clifford
Counterweight Performer: Abbey Church
Stage Manager: Natalie Callaghan
Assistant Stage Manager: Sophie Woodcock
Head LX Programmer: Simon Hardy
Assistant Producer: Carolyn Patamisi
Costume Design: Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton in collaboration with Chloe Greaves
Costume Realisation: Chloe Greaves, Jim Ioannides, Sharon Clarke, Lisa Fa’alafi, Leah Shelton & Jane Shelton
Choreography: Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton in collaboration with the cast
Additional Choreography: Mariah Pelesa
Choreographic Consultants: Nerida Matthaei, Andrea Lam
Dramaturgical Consultant: Daniel Evans
Original Song and Spoken Word Composition: Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers, Lana Tukaroa, Ghenoa Gela, Alinta McGrady, Zaiah Bond

Lisa Fa’alafi as Boss Bitch
Leah Shelton as Slippery When Wet
Zaiah Bond as Highly Flammable
Abbey Church as The Detonator
Ghenoa Gela as The Jackhammer
Lilikoi Kaos as Danger Zone
Alinta McGrady as The Leveller
Mayu Muto as High Voltage
Helen Clifford as Ceiling Smasher

Director & Editor: Grace Uther
Produced by Kiosk Film
Cinematographer & A Camera: Jared Bazley
B Camera Operator: Grace Uther
Additional Cameras: Empire Slate Media
Post Production Sound Services: Folklore Sound
Sound By: Thom Kellar, Ben Stewart
Sound Producer: Thalia Colettis
Production Assistant: Shan Jacone
Stills Photographer: Shan Jacobe

Credits - DEMOLITION: Staging a Protest

Featuring: Lisa Fa’alafi, Leah Shelton, Zaiah Bond,Ghenoa Gela,Lilikoi Kaos, Alinta McGrady, Mayu Muto,Abbey Church, Helen Clifford, Andrea Lam
Directed by: Grace Uther
Executive Produced by: Polytoxic & Kiosk Film
Executive Producers: Lisa Fa’alafi, Leah Shelton, Sara Taghaode, Ryan Renshaw
Produced by: Sara Taghaode, Tilly Towler
Edited by: Stephanie Liquorish

Cinematographer & Camera Operator: Brodie Rocca
Camera Operators: Grace Uther, Stefanie Canard

Cinematographer & A Camera Operator: Jake Koning
B Camera Operator: Brodie Rocca
1st AC: Cindy Yohana
Gaffer / Grip: Ben Russell
Lighting Assistants: Taylor Brent, Isaac Buckingham

Cinematographer & A Camera Operator: Jared Bazley
B Camera Operator: Grace Uther
Additional Stage Production Footage supplied by: Empire Slate Media
Editor: Stephanie Liqourish
Colourist: Kali Bateman
Post Production Sound Services: Folklore Sound Pty Ltd
Sound by: Thom Kellar, Ben Stewart
Sound Producer: Thalia Colettis
Featuring Music by: Kim “Busty Beatz” Bowers
Production Assistant: Shan Lennar Jacobe
Stills Photographer: Shan Lennar Jacobe

Two digital offerings for one:

Tick Tick Boom … Time’s Up Motherlovers! The detonator is rigged, the fuse is lit, and these fierce femme tradies are taking a sledgehammer to the system. DEMOLITION is an explosion of cabaret, theatre and activism set to rebuild the world from the ashes-up filmed in front of a live audience.

DEMOLITION: Staging A Protest
Take a peek behind the curtain in this fast-paced yet intimate film documenting Polytoxic’s radical and inclusive process as they bring their production “DEMOLITION” to the stage.

Cast Bios

Corey Payette | Book/Music/Lyrics & Director

Corey Payette is an interdisciplinary storyteller, writer, composer, and director in theatre and film. He is a member of the Mattagami First Nations, with French Canadian and Irish ancestry. Known for his deeply moving, large-scale original musical creations, Payette’s work challenges the public’s notion of what musicals can be, inserting Indigenous perspectives and narratives into mainstream spaces, igniting conversations that inspire social change. Payette’s work explores themes of colonization, Indigenous language revitalization, cultural healing, reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and the complexity of historic and contemporary Indigenous experiences across music, theatre, and film. Payette’s deeply collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and community engaged creation process has been integral in shining a light on stories that have gone unheard for generations. In 2021, Payette received the inaugural BC Reconciliation Award from The Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, created to honour those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, integrity, respect, and commitment to furthering Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in the province of British Columbia. He is the Artistic Director of Urban Ink, past Artist-in-Residence with National Arts Centre [NAC] English Theatre, and is the founder of Raven Theatre. His musicals Children of God, Les Filles du Roi, Sedna, and Starwalker have won multiple awards and have toured extensively across Canada. He was awarded the John Hirsch Prize from the Canada Council, Jessie Awards for Composition and Direction, and Ovation Awards for Best New Musical and Outstanding Direction.

Sean Bayntun | Music Director

Sean made his orchestral debut at 16 with the White Rock Symphony, and at 18 performed as a soloist with the VSO. He graduated from UBC with a BMus before attending Rice University (Houston) on full scholarship studying with Dr. Jon Kimura Parker. With Dr. Parker’s encouragement to explore genres and performance beyond classical piano. Returning to Vancouver in 2006, Sean joined a pop/rock band as a keyboardist/writer and began freelancing as a session and performance musician. He’s played in dozens of bands and is currently an active member of Leisure Club and DAñSE. In 2009, he music directed Songs for a New World (Not Another Musical Co-op), and the following year was the MD for PSP’s production of Bat Boy. As an MD, his many nominations and awards include The Wild Party (Pint-Size Tall), The Light in the Piazza and Herringbone (PSP). Recent work includes The Girl Next Door (Painted Fern) and Anne of Green Gables (Gateway).

Ralph Escamillan | Choreographer / Ensemble

Ralph Escamillan is a Philippine diasporic performance artist, dancer, choreographer and community leader based in Vancouver, BC. He is a founder of two non profits: FakeKnot – where he explores intersectionality in his artistic practices, and VanVogueJam – a Ballroom organization creating space for QTBIPOC folks to learn about Vogue and Ballroom Culture. Hes worked and toured for a variety of dance companies, danced and choreographed for film and tv, and continues to walk Balls internationally under the alias Posh Gvaslia Basquiat. Starwalker is Ralph’s first Choreographic Musical Choreographic Debut. For more please visit

Anna Shearing | Set Designer

Anna Shearing is a Production and Set Designer working out of Vancouver, Canada. She graduated with Honours from Dalhousie University’s Set Design and Technical Theatre program. In 2019 while finishing off her degree she was hired as assistant curator for the Canadian student exhibition at the Prague Quadrennial. Her degree also afforded her the opportunity to intern in opera designer Michael Levine’s studio. There she had the opportunity to assist while he was working on the Bregenz Festival’s production of Madame Butterfly. In 2020 she began working in film and since then has done production design for several projects; including Urban Ink’s Les Filles du Roi, Kit Redstone and Arran Shearing’s film King Baby, Crazy 8’s Cuello, and as a set designer for Trey Fanjoy’s Honey Girls. In her private life, Anna has long been a visual artist, working predominantly in portraiture.