Home 9 Project 9 Gravity

Written and Performed by: Tricia Collins
Directed by Maiko Bae Yamamoto
Video/Installation by Cindy Mochizuki

Gravity is an exciting collaboration of theatre and video installation that interweaves story-telling and the stitching together of myths and facts. Gravity tells the story of four women across time, water and worlds connected by blood; by forces pull/pushing them together/apart; and their thirsty love for life and for each other. Gravity elevates, entertains and excites its audiences.“I have to tell the story of Gravity. This is the story of a woman who i never met by who made me and made a legacy of Chinese North Americans. Approximatly 100 years ago my great Grandmother was kidnapped. this thrust her a way from her home and incited a blood line that spaned the globe and eventually enriched the history of Canada, the UK and the US.” Tricia Collins.

Tricia Collins wraps herself in a technical tour de force… Gravity is a fascinating hour of theatre blending light, sound, video and more physical elements in the wholly satisfying piece of performance art – Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

Gravity is a bold and beautiful work. Collins is an always engaging performer: athletic, playful, likeable and brave. It’s impossible not to be won over by her candour. – Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

Gravity Tour
Carifesta, Georgetown, Guyana – August 2008
Center for Festival Arts, St. Augustine, Trinidad – September 2008
Crown Point Hall, Tobago – September, 2008
CINARS, Montreal November 2008