Home 9 Project 9 Homecoming


Produced by Urban Ink (Vancouver)
Written by Kamila Sediego
Directed by Hazel Venzon

Can you come back to a home you lost or never knew? 

Three generations of Filipina women hop between an ocean and time, memory and dreams. Set in Canada and the Philippines, Homecoming is a visceral show with moments of magic that reach into the afterlife, exploring cultural identity, familial duty, and delicious Filipino food.

Homecoming asks, what is home for those of us who are displaced, stuck, or who have never known a home? And more importantly, can we ever make our way back?

In this world premiere, Kamila Sediego weaves a complex story that is raw, intimate, and full of humour.

Premiering at The Cultch May 2-12, 2024

Touring at the Evergreen Cultral Centre May 14-18, 2024

“With an incredible story to tell, Kamila Sediego’s unique voice as a playwright is one that will feel familiar, refreshing and leave you ultimately, changed.”


— Corey Payette, Artistic Director of Urban Ink