Ribcage: this wide passage (2015)
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Created and Performed by Heather Hermant
Directed by Diane Roberts

Presented by the Firehall Arts Centre 5-8 March 2015

The startling true story of Esther Brandeau, a Jewish woman from the French Basque region who arrives in 18th century Quebec City as a Christian male labourer. Outed on both counts and brought before authorities upon arrival, Brandeau is said to be the first Jewish person to set foot in what is now known as Canada. In this beautifully poetic and moving multimedia performance, Toronto spoken word artist Heather Hermant brings to life the historical archives that illustrate Brandeau’s journey with haunting video installations, breathtaking live music and a powerful performance. A bold, little-known Canadian foundation tale about displacement and identity, and a meditation on the meaning of history.