Te Tangi ā te Tūī
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Tainui Tukiwaho

Creative Director
Eve Gordon

Amber Curreen

Film Director
Matt Gillanders

Lighting Design and Production
Jane Hakaraia

Music and Sound Design
Carawei Gao and Eve Gordon

Te Rēhia Theatre (Aotearoa New Zealand) in partnership with The Dust Palace (Aotearoa New Zealand), Commissioned by Urban Ink and The Cultch This documentary is a look inside the development of Te Tangi ā te Tūī, a fantastical and allegorical tale of loss of te reo Māori and its reclamation. Tūī soaks up the world around it & responds in song. Though beautiful, his tune now is a faint echo of what it once was when Aotearoa was blanketed in the ngāhere, flutes of patupaiarehe filled the trees & Māori alone walked gently upon their mother. This new work brings together Kaupapa Māori theatre & cirque theatre to create an evocative narrative of love & loss between Māori, Patupairehe & the natural world in the face of colonial impact. Our story speaks in parallel to te reo Māori, the voice of the tangata whenua & grave significance of kaitiakitanga of Aotearoa around climate change & the world-wide loss of biodiversity.

World Premiere at The Cultch, Vancouver, October 19-29, 2023